Anti-Lick Strips 2pk

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2 Pack Trial Size

Sizes Available:
Small - For Dogs and Cats 11-20 lbs - 4" x 1.5"
Medium - For Dogs and Cats 21-50 lbs - 5" x 1.5"
Large - For Dogs 50+ lbs - 6" x 1.5"

Imagine this: You just took your pet in for emergency surgery. Six hours and $850.00 later, you bring your pet home. He's doing great! A little while later you find that he has decided that he didn't really like that bandage so he removed it and started to remove his stitches! IT'S BACK TO THE EMERGENCY CLINIC!

Does your pet engage in obsessive licking, biting or chewing behavior that you haven't been able to prevent? Constant licking and biting of these areas can cause serious problems for your pet.

Now, for the first time, there is a solution that is both easy and effective. This patent-pending Anti-Lick Strip is a unique bandage strip with a medical grade adhesive backing on one side and all-natural active ingredients on the other. When applied over a problematic site, such as a granuloma, the outfacing all-natural active ingredients are delivered through the animal’s nasal passages and to the tongue when licked, poked or bitten. The active ingredients are 100 percent safe for the animal, despite its deterrent affect on the animal. The strips are particularly effective on the animal’s limbs.

The preventive nature of the product helps to promote healing and lessens the chance of infection, inflammation or re-opened wounds. In clinical tests, pets avoided the Anti-Lick Strip nearly 95 percent of the time, proving the effectiveness of these unique bandage strips.

Use Anti-Lick Strips to prevent licking and biting of the following:

  • Hot spots- Skin irritations or dermatitis conditions
  • Granulomas-Nodules or open wounds caused by constant licking that can lead to serious problems
  • Paws/Nails- Constant licking and biting of paws and nails, often due to anxiety
  • Surgical wounds
  • Household items such as baseboards and furniture


Natural Ingredients
The Nurtured Pets Anti-Lick Strip contains cayenne, oregano, and lemon powder. The Anti-Lick Strip is composed of all natural ingredients except for the adhesive which is of human medical grade (only the best for our pets).

Directions For Use

  • Place one end (sticky side to pad surface of paw).
  • Wrap over top of paw, pressing into contours of individual toes.
  • Trim width of Anti-Lick Strip Prevent to fit paw width.
  • Overlap product onto itself at a minimum of a 1/2 inch. Trim length as needed.
  • NOTE: Double or triple wrap-around are encouraged for more aggressive animals and produce increased effectiveness!

    Open Lick Granuloma:
  • Do NOT apply Anti-Lick Strip Prevent directly to any open wound or sore.
  • Instead, first apply a small piece of gauze over the open wound, then adhere Anti-Lick Strip Prevent OVER the gauze covering the sore.
  • Finish by attaching Anti-Lick Strip directly to pet hair, taking care to overlap product onto itself at least 1/2 inch.

  • Bee Sting or Hot Spot:
  • Apply Anti-Lick Strip directly to the pet's hair over any bee sting or hot spot area that does NOT have an open wound area.
  • Should the affected area contain a sore on the animal's skin, follow the same procedure (stated above in open lick granuloma instruction) for applying a small piece of gauze to the area before wrapping.
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    Anti-Lick Strips for dogs and cats trial size

    Anti-Lick Strips 2pk


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