Freeze Dried Minnow Treats

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1oz Pack

Give your cat (or dog) the wholesome, healthy treat they'll beg for! Give them freeze dried Minnow Treats for Cats. The freeze dried raw nutrition of these treats means you'll never feel guilty about giving your kitty just one more treat when they ask. These naturally nutritious treats are free from chemicals, additives, and GMOs.

Sourced in the USA and made in the USA, Freeze Dried Minnow Treats are the very best you can give your cat. These bite sized minnows are suitable for kitties of all sizes and breeds. The delicate freeze dried raw texture makes them easy to eat and crunchy for your kitty's dinning delight.

Resealable package keeps our freeze dried raw food and treats fresh without the need for refrigeration. Just reseal the bag after each use and store in a cool, dry place.

Made with 100% natural minnows, you'll never worry about your cat getting additives, allergy-causing ingredients, grains, fillers, or by-products. Just pure, wholesome minnows- just like your kitty would catch in the wild.

Grain and gluten free

High in protein - low in calories

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Freeze Dried Minnow Treats

Freeze Dried Minnow Treats