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SEA WRAPS - 3.5oz

from Fish 4 Dogs

Give your pooch the catch of the day with the Fish4Dogs Sea Wraps Sweet Potato Dog Treats. Featuring real sweet potato that is wrapped in baked fish skins, these treats are naturally packed with all kinds of greatness—with a taste that will make your dog go wild. Sweet potato is rich in potassium and vitamin A, while fish is a natural source of health-boosting omega 3 fatty acids. The result is a healthy, guilt-free snack that weighs in at just about 7 calories per treat, which helps your dog weigh in at his most lean and healthy self.

  • Two-ingredient treat - made from sweet potato wrapped and baked fish skins.
  • Sweet potato is rich in potassium and vitamin A
  • Fish is packed with naturally occurring omega 3, important for skin, coat, joints and brain function.
  • 7 calories per treat
  • All-natural treat
  • Hypoallergenic and free of grains, gluten, additives and artificial preservatives and colors.