TCO - Temperature Controlled Outlet

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This item will pay for itself in about 30 days!

Here's how it works:

When you plug in your pond deicer or stock tank heater, it constantly uses electricity while monitoring the pond water temperature. The deicer doesn't actually go into use until the air temperature reaches 35°F.

That's where the TCO comes into play - The TCO keeps any power from going to the heater until the air temperature drops to 35°F.
It turns on power at 35°F and turns power off at 37°F. Simply plug the TCO into an outdoor outlet and plug your deicer or heater into the TCO.

The TCO can save A LOT of $$$ this winter!

Other uses: heated gutter cables, thermal bowls, heated pet beds

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Allied TCO Temperature Controlled Outlet

TCO - Temperature Controlled Outlet

Was: $33.99
Now: $19.99