Thick and Dense Shampoo

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16oz Bottle
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by Miracle Coat

The grooming challenge for thick and dense coats is that while it is easy to see that your dog's overcoat is maintained, if the undercoat is neglected, mats will form and hair shed will increase.

Thick & Dense Dog Shampoo with natural ingredients is low sudsing to make it easier and quicker to rinse your dog thoroughly while natural oils remain in the coat.

These natural oils, when brushed through the coat will assist in shed reduction, and deter mats from forming in the undercoat.

16oz Bottle

Directions For Use

Wet coat and massage into lather. Rinse. For maximum results, repeat process. Towel Dry pet. Brush out coat. Uas as often as desired. Gentle enough for regular use that will enhance shine and manageability. Best results occur when used with other Miracle Coat products. Consider trying Miracle Coat's unique lusterizing and conditioning spray. Keeps coat untangled even between baths.