Laube Lazor 15CX Clipper Blade

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LAUBE LAZOR BLADES® are much stronger, and because of the precision edge applied to each blade, they hold their edges longer. LAUBE LAZOR BLADES® are easier to sharpen and last years longer.

With their superior cutting, LAUBE LAZOR BLADES® will produce the smoothest clip with no tracks and lines, and the special high tech tooth design allows mats and tangled hair to be clipped easily. With the easy to identify blade sizes you'll never have to wonder if you chose the right size blade for the job.

The LAUBE LAZOR BLADES® premium quality starts with the razor steel material, continues through each process and is complete with your satisfaction!

LAUBE LAZOR BLADES® are competitively priced for the absolute optimum in clipper blade performance. Your blades will always clip better when used on the patented LAUBE PROFESSIONAL CLIPPERS® which are compatible with all brands and types of snap on style blades.

Ice Tempered Ultra Hard 90+ Rockwelled High Carbon Steel

Runs Cool

Smooth, high precision clipping accuracy. No tracks!

Blade fit all standard snap-on style blade clippers, including the following: Laube®, Wahl® KM-1 KM-2, Andis® AG, BG, MBG, Oster® A5® and Thrive® 900.

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Laube Lazor 15CX Clipper Blade

Laube Lazor 15CX Clipper Blade