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Microfiber is a cutting edge technology in the textile industry. It is 100 times finer than a human hair, 40 times finer than wool, 30 times finer than cotton fibers, 10 times finer than silk, yet incredibly durable and soft. The improved technology of our microfiber makes it possible to manufacture a textile with over 90,000 fibers per square inch. The manufacturing process creates a fiber with a diameter of less than one denier (a denier is defined as a unit of fineness found in yarn measurements, equal to the fineness of a yarn weighing one gram, for each 9000 meters).

With a thinner fiber, more are used to generate the fabric. More fibers result in a greater surface area thus increasing absorbency and cleaning power. This material absorbs up to 600% of its weight in liquids, dirt, and other elements. The cleaning and absorption properties of microfiber are nothing less than exceptional.

Microfiber is environmentally safe and hypoallergenic. It is mechanically split without the use of additives, chemicals, or boiling; ensuring that dog grooming products are safe for both you and your pet.

MICROFIBER ........................................... BATH TOWELS
Breaks down and absorbs mud from surfaces
Quick drying
Quick cleaning
Reusable multiple times before washing
Attractive and convenient
  Smears mud into surface pores
Stays wet and breeds mold and mildew
Bulky and hard to handle
Needs washing after 1 use
A messy eyesore