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Have you ever seen a grooming system that will let you do this?
Stop the spinning?
Stop the backing away?
Reduce the risk of bites?

How strong is the LIPSYSTEM?

It will easily hold any dog you are working on.

Fits all 36"" and 42"" grooming tables


The Lipsystem is the only Cosmetic Quality, High Grade 304, 3 Piece Stainless Steel Table Post and Based Dog Suspension System In the World!

This means no more rusting chrome plated steel to mar the cosmetic appearance of your shop. And Stainless Steel lasts forever!

You never have to raise and lower a LIPSYSTEM! NEVER adjust the Height of an Arm Again!

Just put the noose on the dog, then attach the noose to the link that is right for that dog's height! The Links Do All The Work!

Have you ever dropped a grooming arm on top of a dog and felt sooo bad about it? NEVER AGAIN!

A Lipsystem is a safety improvement your clients will appreciate. For taller dogs you hook the noose to a higher Quick Link. For shorter dogs, hook your noose to a lower Quick Link.

It's Fast and Simple.