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Why is pH so important? How can an inappropriate pH damage the skin of our animals?


You may recall after the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill off the coast of California on March 24, 1989; many TV programs urged people to get the oil off of animals; and some suggested using “Dawn Detergent”.While P & G may have improved their formula:Most detergents have a pH of 12.That is very high and is alkaline.


Dogs have a skin pH of about 7.5 (humans are about 5.5).A high pH like 12, is heading toward bleach or drain cleaner.The molecules are very small, and can penetrate the skin, below the surface.This can damage the skin, and the animal will need time for the skin to repair, and may scratch or be sensitive to the injury.


The solution is to use a pH balanced shampoo; like Laube’sKelco Brand.


They have a pH of 7.5; just right for our favorite pets. The molecules in these shampoos are large and can not and do not penetrate below the skin itself.

Shampoos can be produced to make hair ’squeaky clean'. This is NOT GOOD for animals. It’s good for dishes, not hair and skin. Ingredients that clean are high in alkalinity. They clean well, but stop the oil and moisture, making the hair and skin dry and brittle. NOT GOOD.

Laube uses the highest quality ingredients (surfactants) to clean without stripping the skin and hair. They also use humectants that add moisture to protect the skin and hair.

All Laube Shampoos are pH balanced!



We trust that this information may be of value to you to help understand the value of high quality shampoo products and why some manufacturers are willing to pay more for the ingredients (surfactants, humectants and other ingredients).