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Dog Cooling Products for Warm Weather

Some dog breeds are able to survive in warm weather just fine while others have a bit more trouble. At North Coast Pets, to help out your furry friend make it through the hot day, we have dog cooling products that will keep it cool and safe from the heat. We have everything you need including dog water bottles, cooling collars, pads, vests, and more. Cool down that hot dog today!

Dog Heating Products for Cooler Weather

Staying warm in colder climates is just as important for dogs as it is for people. Despite having layers of fur that naturally keep dogs warm, smaller dogs and those with less hair require a bit more assistance in staying warm. At North Coast Pets, we feature heated dog products that are perfect for cooler weather. You'll find everything from heated dog beds and pads to heated dog bowls,  dog jackets and dog vests. Your dog will be able to relax and stay comfortable through the colder seasons.

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