MCRS K9 Magnet Reward System


A revolution in dog training

MCRS® Products are the result of extensive research and development by Belgian IPO-Trainers with over 30 years of experience in world championships and animal behaviour. By using only the highest quality premium products, this equipment is guaranteed to meet the highest standards.

Finally the ultimate reward-system for sport dog, show dog or just for just plain pet training! MCRS® will bring your dog to a much higher focus level. With the use of MCRS® Products you will receive the ultimate obedience from your canine. MCRS® works perfectly in combination with the 'positive reinforcement method` (clicker-training) and will give you opportunities that you never had before.

You can `stick` the MCRS® Ball or MCRS® Tug all over the MCRS® Vest. No more messing around with huge, old-fashion ball drop-systems with cables that run through your vest! The MCRS® Products guarantee results in the performance of your dog`s obedience never before possible! Your dog's focus will be unbelievable. Using the system is as simple as can be.

All products are proudly designed, tested and assembled in Flanders, Belgium, with passion for the canine-sport & competition. MCRS® products are used by the top-trainers worldwide!