Anti Cast Strips

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Anti Cast Strips

Does Your Horse Really Need Anti-Cast Strips?

Casting is a common issue faced by horses. When this happens, horses are left lying on the ground for hours, with a feeling of helplessness. It makes them feel entrapped and causes a sense of panic. Horses can even get injured in such situations, especially in the hip, pelvic, and leg areas. For coping up with such issues and getting back on their feet, they need support. In order to ensure that your beloved companion does not get stuck in such situations when you are not around, it is advisable to purchase high quality anti-cast strips. They are made of EVA material, which is why they provide ample foothold to horses for getting back to their normal state without facing any kind of injury, stress, or anxiety.

Finding anti-cast strips for horses made of good quality material is a daunting task. It is essential to find products that are reliable and have a durable nature. Investing in poor quality products can put your horse in danger. Anti-cast strips have an elegant design that eliminates the need for humans to help their horse restore stability. When placed at an height of 1m, they can prove valuable for helping horses reposition themselves without any external aid.

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