Portable Water Heaters



The easy way to get hot water while at a dog show, in the barn, camping, car show or anywhere that has water and electricity or propane.

Compact, Quick & Simple Everyday Use - use the Hott Wash portable water heater to wash the car

Home to Barn- use the Hott wash portable hot water heater to bathe horses and livestock

Show to Show- Use the portable Hott Wash at the dog show

Veterinary Emergencies

Race Tracks

Kennels- the Hott Wash could be invaluable for clean up

Campsite- use the Hott Wash for showering

Outdoor Recreation

Washing Motor Cycles & Cars w/custom paint- the Hott Wash is great at car shows

Cleaning Aquariums and Animal Enclosures

Fire Departments: Haz-Mat Safety