Coffee Wood Natural Chews

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100% natural chew made from repurposed coffee trees that are no longer productive

Coffee wood is one of the strongest and safest woods for dogs to chew. 

It is harder than other woods so it lasts longer and resists splintering.

Coffee wood is strong yet safe for teeth, good for chewing, and gradually breaks down into small, safe fibers and pieces.

  • 100% natural
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • No plastic
  • Free from caffiene and artificial ingredients
  • Prevents boredom 
  • Promotes dental health

Coffee wood chews are a sourced globally from coffee trees that no longer bear fruit.  It is one of the hardest woods available, making these chews hard to break or splinter.  the wood's organic fibers, which are released by the dog's saliva, are harmless and can be ingested in small amounts.  

These chgews are great for oral health and a natural source of fiber.  

The stick strengthens the dog's jaw muscles while the fine wood fibers act as a toothbrush to clean teeth.