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Medium - For Dogs 30-50 Pounds

5 Pack

Dental Brush Chews for Dogs are made with 100% all natural ingredients to promote fresh breath in your canines. With their unique texture, these chews can help keep your dog's teeth healthy and clean by removing tartar and plaque with each bite. With curved bristles to clean teeth and gums and a raised area to help clean the tongue, each area of your pup's mouth can be reached! To make it even more fun, the hollow pockets can be filed with a special treat for your dog to further enjoy!

  • No fillers, artificial colors or preservatives
  • Made with eight all-natural, wholesome ingredients that work to combine flavor and design
  • Fresh and clean aroma that encourages excellent dental hygiene
  • Gluten-free
  • Firm texture that encourages chew time
  • Unique shape that gets in-between teeth and scrubs them clean
  • Low in fat
  • Made in U.S.A.

1.) Potatoes - Potato flour makes Dental Brush Chews delicious and gluten-free! It is made from whole potatoes and is very low in saturated fat, keeping your dog trim and always ready for the next adventure.

2.) Brown Rice - Brown rice is also naturally gluten-free. Its high protein content means it is a much more nutritious grain than the wheat that is found in most pet treats.

3.) Lecithin - Lecithin is made from soy and is an essential part of the diet. It not only helps dissolve fat and cholesterol, it can help regulate kidney and liver function as well!

4.) Glycerin - Vegetable glycerin is commonly made from coconut and soybeans. Glycerin keeps our Dental Brush Chews fresh and moist. After all, nobody wants to chew on a dry old bone!

5.) Cellulose - Fiber, fiber, fiber! Powdered cellulose is common in everyday human and pet food. It helps Dozers keep its unique shape. Did we mention cellulose is also filled with nutritious fiber?

6.) Parsley - We've all used parsley at home, maybe you even have it growing in your garden. We've harnessed the natural deodorizing power of parsley so Dental Brush Chews works to eliminate that bad doggy-breath.

7.) Cumin - Right from the spice rack, cumin is an all-around super food. Adding flavor and aiding digestion, it's so good you may just want to consider adding a bit more cumin to your own diet.

INGREDIENTS: Potato flour, powdered cellulose, vegetable glycerin, water, brown rice flour, lecithin, parsley, cumin

Directions For Use

Recommended for dogs 9 months and older, and a minimum of 5 lbs. in weight. Feed as a treat or reward, one chew per day. Be sure your dog has plenty of fresh water as it chews Dental Brush Chews. Always select the correct size chew for your dog. This medium Size of Dental Brush Chews is for dogs over 30-50 lbs.

For animal use only, not for human consumption. Supervise your dog while chewing and be sure it is adequately chewed. Swallowing pieces that are too large can be harmful or fatal to a dog.