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Before starting any treatment, give your pet a good cleansing with a high quality, pH balanced, sulfate free shampoo. Wet your dog's coat and message the shampoo well. Rinse, and repeat if needed. Towel or blow dry. Repeat every week during treatment.

Scented with natural essential oils…
Lemon/Eucalyptus, Rosemary/Lavender, or Peppermint/Tea Tree Oil.

When you have a wriggly pup in the sink, one hand does double duty with a shampoo bar! These bars lather beautifully with no sulfates, rinse easily and cleanly, they’re portable (no spills!) and they smell wonderful. You and your pets will love these, and one 3.5 oz bar will outlast a 16-ounce bottle of liquid shampoo for a great value too!

These wonderful shampoo bars are handmade in the Pacific Northwest from certified organic ingredients.

SKIN RESCUE with the Healing Powers of Sulfur and Neem Oil
If your dog has skin problems, like hot spots, itchy skin, mange, alopecia X, or yeast infections, this amazing organic shampoo bar utilizes sulfur and Neem oil to naturally kill yeast, fungus, fleas, mites, and bacteria, while giving your pet a refreshing exfoliating cleansing that rinses squeaky clean. The Skin Rescue Bars contain no preservatives, nor sulfates, nor harsh chemicals, providing the perfect first step to restoring your dog's skin to good health.

Got Fleas? If you have seen fleas or flea specks on your dog, get rid of them the natural, organic, non-toxic way. Diatomaceous Earth is a fine white powder made by tiny (microscopic) water creatures that make silica-based shells for themselves. These tiny shells fall to the bottom of lakes and oceans over millions of years, accumulating in massive white deposits that are then mined and crushed to a fine powder. Deadly to any insect or larvae, each tiny “shell” is very sharp, like razor blades to insects, but completely harmless to all animals, fish, birds, both externally and internally.
Combining this element with a proprietary blend of essential oils, bathing with the DERMagic Flea Bar kills fleas and provides an anti-microbial, calming and therapeutic effect for dogs with both dry and oily skin. And, it is completely safe, using no toxins, preservatives, chemical insecticides, sulfates or other irritants that can aggravate sensitive skin.

Rosemary & Lavender Shampoo

Peppermint & Tea Tree Shampoo

Chamomile & Sage Shampoo

Lemon & Eucalyptus Shampoo

3.5oz Bars