Flaked Fish Food 6.35oz

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For Small Pond Fish

6.35oz Resealable Can

Feed your small pond fish a diet rich in protein with Tetra Pond Flakes Small Fish Food. Proper daily nutrition is essential to the growth and development of goldfish and koi. Tetra Pond Flakes Small Fish Food provides the necessary nutrition for energy, longevity and overall health. It is scientifically developed to support immune systems and helps enhance natural coloration. And because it is highly digestible, your fish will produce less waste which means less maintenance for you.

  • Color enhancing flake food for koi and ornamental pond goldfish
  • With shrimp meal and other color enhancers
  • Quality nutrition that produces less waste
  • Will not cloud water if used as directed
  • Crumble flakes makes eating easier for smaller fish
When water temperatures are below 50 degrees, feed your fish TetraPond Spring and Fall Diet

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Flaked Fish Food 6.35oz

Flaked Fish Food 6.35oz