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Few pond hobbyists worry enough about low pH, but as the pond ages, pH naturally falls to dangerous levels. This is caused by acid produced by the breakdown of organic material. As pH falls, nitrifying bacteria living in the bio-filter stop multiplying and eventually die off. The result is severe water quality problems, fish stress, cloudy water, odor and fish loss. The pond slowly acidifies and sulfur-like smells ensue. Fritz Pond pH Higher combats this deadly downward spiral by increasing the pH & alkalinity.

Test pH once per week. If the pH falls below 6.8, add 2 capfuls of Pond PH Higher per 50 gallons. Wait 20 minutes; retest pond. Retreat until pH is 7.0-7.6. Never increase pH if ammonia is present.

  • Phosphate free; Won’t cloud water or harm fish, plants or wildlife
  • Instantly begins increasing pH and alkalinity and decreasing acidity
  • Super Concentrated; Each cup treats up to 1,200 gallons

16oz bottle treats 2400 gallons