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2lb Bag

Want quality dog food? MAKE IT YOURSELF!

Healthy Dogma PetMix is all-natural dog food without preservatives, providing the foundation for a healthy, fresh homemade pet meal. Pets are healthier, happier and live longer when they eat healthy, holistic REAL nutrients.

Do you want a wholesome pet food but don't want to do raw?
Healthy Dogma Petmix is for you!

If you are at all concerned with your own nutrition, you know that all natural foods are the best foods. Research has told us that natural vegetables and meats promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risk of developing disease. If you have a pet the same thing goes for him or her.

Our pets need a natural pet food that isn't packed with unnatural preservatives. They need natural foods that hasn't been treated with steroids and chemicals or packed with fillers like rice and grains. These fillers only fill their stomachs, but don't give them the nutrition they need.

Don't you want your pet to be as healthy as you are? Doesn't your best friend deserve the same nutrition as you?

With Healthy Dogma PetMix, your dog gets the nutrients it needs...they are not lost through the manufacturing process. It is preservative and grain-free which makes it easier for dogs to metabolize.

Eating meat builds the immune system to effectively fight canine cancer.

Cancer cells use carbohydrates (grains) by taking amino acids from healthy cells. Protein is necessary for cell repair.

Unfortunately your dog will not get the high quality proteins and enzymes it needs from eating commercial dog food.

PetMix is the easiest way to cook for your pets and make sure they get all the nutrition they need. PetMix can be served cooked or raw, and is 100% grain, gluten and allergen free.

Excellent for dogs with food allergies:
Homemade food with a few less steps
Easy to rotate protein source (turkey, chicken, beef, etc.)
Critically ill dogs that need to be on a grain-free diet

Ingredients: Whole Egg, Apples, Flax seed, Chia seed, Kelp, Broccoli, Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Bananas, Blueberries, Parsley, Ginger, Celery, Lettuce, Watercress, Spinach, Coconut Oil.

Full Batch Preparation:
1 bag of PetMix (2 lb)
5 lb ground meat
1 gallon water

Small Batch Preparation:
2 cups PetMix
1 lb ground meat
3 1/4 cups water

Featured PetMix Recipe - SUMMER TREATS:
PetMix Frozen treats: Make PetMix as directed and ball it up (I use a 1/4 measuring cup) to desired treat size and place on a cookie tray in the freezer. Once frozen these treats can be placed in plastic bags. You could use wax paper to separate them but I do not have any problem with the frozen treats sticking together. My dogs love these frozen treats on hot summer days!

A two pound bag makes about 16 pounds of fresh dog food

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Healthy Dogma Petmix - Original

Healthy Dogma Petmix - Original