Jolly Egg Toy - Small

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Size Small 7"

Every once in a while we come across a toy that is better than most. The Jolly Egg is WAY above the rest.

If you have a ball crazy dog like we do, he will go nuts for it. He will get more exercise playing with Jolly Egg than any other toy.

There are dogs for whom tennis balls and rubber toys are enough, and there are dogs who need a Jolly Egg.

Jolly Egg is designed for the most high energy, toy-destroying dogs!

The eGGe is a uniquely-designed plastic dog toy for smaller size dogs and puppies.

Jolly Egg is constructed of thick, high-density polyethylene plastic, and can withstand an extraordinary amount of abuse an it also floats!

The ultimate toy for the ball-crazy dog in your life.

The Jolly Egge Jr measures 7 inches in length.