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The Twist And Seal Cord Lock is the fast and inexpensive way to weather-proof any power cord, while also eliminating irritating and dangerous disconnects.

Twist and Seal was designed to solve the problem of keeping moisture out of your outdoor electrical connections

Every time it rains or the snow starts melting, moisture gets in between your plug connections, tripping GFI's and blowing fuses, cutting power to your pond de-icers or stock tank heaters

Over the years pet owners have attempted almost everything to keep their connections dry. They have tried all kinds of tapes such as electrical, duct and shipping but the water kept creeping into the connections and popping the GFI. They tried putting plastic bags and water bottles over the connections to no avail. It seemed like no matter what they did they could not keep the water out.

After thousands of hours refining the shape, testing materials and creating prototypes, the Twist and Seal Cord Lock was ready for production.

Twist and Seal's unique two stage design is an exceptionally well engineered product that is simple to use. Just slip it over your electrical cord and with a quick quarter twist of the wrist your electrical connection is sealed.

Twist and Seal should be used wherever you have electrical cord connections outside. Use for exterior Christmas lights, Halloween decorations or construction sites.

Use anywhere there is a need to keep exterior electrical connections protected from rain or melting snow. Never submerge the Twist and Seal or any electrical connection under water. Get a Twist and Seal today.


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Twist & Seal Cord Protector

Twist & Seal