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Bicycle attachment for small - medium dogs

Let your dog share the fun of a bike ride!

Don't leave them home anymore while you ride your bike, let them come along and enjoy the pleasure of a run — in complete safety for the both of you!

• Let's Go! ensures the full safety of the biker-bike-dog trio at every moment while riding
• Let's Go! allows the biker to safely indicate a change of direction, since no hand is tied up holding the dog
• Let's Go! allows both the biker and the dog to train together, keeping both fit
• Let's Go! can be easily disconnected from the bike in less than one second, for when you are using your bike without your dog
• Let's Go! can be installed on a bike in less than 5 minutes by anybody
• Let's Go! can be easily moved from one bike to another
• Let's Go! is universal, meaning that you can install it on practically any kind of bike: mountain bikes, city bikes, men's bikes, women's bikes, new bikes, old bikes, small ones, big ones, etc..
• Let's Go! doesn't require any training for either the biker or the dog
• It is very light: about 16 oz. and absolutely not cumbersome;
• It can be used on all types of terrain, both on and off-road, always keeping the your driving safety unchanged
• In case of an accident, it ensures that the dog will not detach from the bike and dangerously wander out into traffic