Premier Omega Oil 17oz

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17oz Bottle

  • Relieves Dry Itchy Skin
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Promotes Heart Health
  • Decreases Shedding
  • Helps With Hairballs
  • Lubricates Joints


More efficient than flaxseed oil.


Premier Omega Oil
Omega 3 - 3,050mg
EPA Max - 1,1511mg
DHA Max - 1,103mg
Omega 6 - 62mg

Salmon Oil
Omega 3 - 1,118mg
EPA Max - 644mg
DHA Max - 414mg
Omega 6 - 82mg

Sardine Anchovy Oil
Omega 3 - 1,296mg
EPA Max - 727mg
DHA Max - 498mg
Omega 6 - 58mg

Shark Liver Oil
Omega 3 - 92mg
EPA Max - 35mg
DHA Max - 37mg
Omega 6 - 45mg

Providing a product that is healthy and safe for pets is what Iceland Pure products are all about. In 2005 Iceland Pure discovered that the plastic bottles that housed their nutritional salmon oil shrunk soon after being filled. After analyzing the competition they learned quickly that their competitors were suffering from the same problem. They also noticed that those who used plastic bottles, which were less expensive, shrunk with more severity and more frequently. Iceland Pure was determined to find out why this was happening and what was causing it. Many environmentalists, health conscious and educated public are aware that plastic bottles are made of many toxic chemicals. One of these chemicals is called Hexane. Certain liquids will tend to “break down" the plastic if the liquid is left inside of a bottle over time. In order to ensure the quality of our product and maintain its integrity for our customers Iceland Pure continues to bring you the safest and healthiest products on the market.

That's why we are proud to announce to our customers the new GREEN BRUSHED ALUMINUM BOTTLES.

These bottles are coated with Epoxy Resin that, once hardened, becomes like glass. Oil will not break down this type of coating, and the coating will not affect the purity of the oil. These new BRUSHED ALUMINUM bottles are FDA certified for human liquid consumption, and will ensure a healthier and safer alternative for our furry friends. We are happy to continue to provide the finest pet products in the industry. Our pure Icelandic salmon oil continues to be a healthy source of Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids for all our pets, and is now housed in a bottle which is one of a kind in the industry. We are excited about our newest discovery and will continue to bring you the very best in the pet food industry.