Ruby Reef Kick Ich 2 Ltr

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2 Liter Bottle
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2 Liter Bottle treats 150 gals

A scientifically developed water treatment fish medication that has been proven effective in stopping C. irritans and I. multifiliis (ich) infections common in marine and freshwater aquaria. The RUBY REEF KICK-ICH formulation is specifically designed to interrupt the free swimming stage of the ich parasites, thereby stopping progressive infection and re infection, without the use of copper, malachite green or other chemicals known to be toxic to many aquarium inhabitants, especially marine invertebrates and corals and freshwater inverts and scale less fish. KICK-ICH doesn't affect nitrifying bacteria and is biodegradable.

During the typical ich lifecycle, a free swimming tomite penetrates the host skin, where it undergoes metamorphosis into a trophozoite. The trophozoite matures within the host’s skin forming the “white spot” cyst until it emerges from this cyst as a trophont and leaves the host. The trophont secretes a thick, highly resistant mucous coat immediately upon exit from the host. This mucous coat protects the trophont as it undergoes replication and division into hundreds of infecting units which emerge as new, fully infectious tomites upon rupture of the ripe trophont.

It is difficult, impractical and/or impossible to attack by chemical or drug therapy, maturing trophozoites residing between layers of the host’s skin. Similarly, it is almost impossible to attack the mucous coated trophonts. However, practical interruption of the infection cycle can be accomplished by attacking the unprotected, free swimming tomites. Unlike copper, malachite green and other treatments, RUBY REEF KICK-ICK is a water treatment that, when used as directed, can be directly and safely added to any marine, reef or freshwater aquarium to effectively interrupt the tomite stage of the ich life cycle, without concern for the health and vigor of the fish, corals, inverts or nitrifying bacteria.