Homeopet Healing Cream

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14 Gram Tube
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HP Healing Cream is non-steroidal, anti-infective ointment for use with animals. It can be used to ease pain, promote rapid healing in wounds, cuts, bites, burns and help to reduce swelling and is particularly useful with non responsive wounds.

How it works:
  • Cream seals in moisture
  • Homeopathic effect is transferred over the entire wound
  • No steroidal or other anti-inflammatory effect, thus speeding healing
  • May be mixed with conventional antibiotic therapy to enhance its effect
  • Cream acts as barricade under which cell regeneration can go unhindered and speed the closure and bridging of wounds
  • Cream can be used externally on open or bandaged wounds (liberal application is recommended under bandages)
  • Cream has been shown in clinical use to be effective on previously unresponsive wounds and ulcerations
  • Cream works with patient's healing mechanisms by enhancing and balancing them.

14 Gram Tube


Directions For Use

All species dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc., except fish. Apply to affected area once to three times daily covering entire affected area. Once a response is seen, the administration should either be reduced or ceased, only reapplying should symptoms reappear.
This combination of ingredients in its cream base provides a salve for a wide range of conditions affecting a broad range of species. It can be used as an adjunct in the treatment of septic wounds, both acute and chronic particularly in combination with antibiotic therapy where appropriate. The ingredients have been selected to have a synergistic effect and are used at levels where the product is totally safe, natural and side-effect free. It is effective in its own right, but can be used in any treatment regimen without any danger of interaction. It promotes healing, not just of the skin, but also of the deeper tissues in general. If applied at the earliest sign of change, it can be used to prevent progression to a more serious problem. The cream can be used for a wide range of problems from minor cuts and grazes, to major wounds and tears, even sunburn. The cream works exceptionally well when used externally and complemented by the use of Homeopet Trauma (First Aid), given orally for internal support.