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LARGE - 2 Pack

The perfect solution for puppy training and indoor dogs as well as senior dogs with incontinence issues.

Welcome to the world of washable

Lennypads is your one way to ticket to the World of Washable - A place where you can say goodbye to disposable potty pads. Lennypads are tested up to 300 washes before seeing a decrease in functionality. That means one pad replaces 100s of disposable pads. Each pad is super durable, ultra absorbent, leak-proof and can be washed and reused 100s of times. The top layer is our quick-wicking, quilted facing that keeps pets nice and dry. Keep your pet comfortable, your home clean, the planet healthy and your wallet full. Love Washable. LOVE Lennypads.

A pad with a purpose

Did you know Lennypads are a pad with versatility? Lennypads are perfect for potty pads or to use for the pet "on the travel". Use Lennypads in cages, crates, and kennels. Lennypads are also the preferred by professional dog breeders. Lennypads are perfect as whelping pads in whelping boxes. The Lennypads help keep your new born pups dry and sanitary while making clean up easy and simple. Lennypads washable pee pads protect floors, home surfaces, furniture, and vehicle surfaces. Lennypads are more than just a potty pad - use Lennypads under water and food bowls for those slobbery, slippery occasions.

The Large 23"x27" is a perfect, washable potty pad for medium to large sized dogs such as corgis, bull terriers, and shih tzus. The Large Lennypad also fits well into #300 carrying crates.

The XL Long 24"x36" is a perfect, washable potty pad for medium to large sized dogs such as bulldogs, spaniels, and terriers. The XL Long Lennypad is also used for #400 and #500 crates.(It is not a perfect fit but recommended by pet professionals).

The Jumbo is a 48"x48" pad, perfect for all sizes of dogs, as well as puppy litters in a whelping box.

Directions For Use

Quality and Care
Lennypads are made in the USA with USA pride and materials. All fabrics and textiles are commercial grade and designed to with stand standard washing cycles. Lennypads are bleach-safe, but also clean up well with oxi-clean or any other laundry detergent of your choosing. Please only dry Lennypads on a lower setting or air dry for BEST results. Keep in mind DO NOT use fabric softener as it can affect the absorbency of Lennypads. Learn more about washing and care instructions here.