Nature's Choice Aloe Dirty Dog Shampoo

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50:1 (12oz Bottle makes 4.7 gallons of shampoo)
50:1 (32oz Bottle makes 12.5 gallons of shampoo)
50:1 (1 Gallon Makes 50 gallons of shampoo)

Aloe Dirty Dog® is an 50:1 ultra high concentrate shampoo that does not contain soap or detergent. It gets rid of every bit of bad body odor and cleans all dirt and filth off the skin and coat without drying. It also gets skunk, tar, sap, and food stains out of the coat. Dirty dog® is pH balanced, safe for dogs, cats, horses, puppies, kittens pregnant animals, ferrets & farm animals.


Made with: aloe vera, avocado oil, vegetable protein, vitamin b5, vitamin a, vitamin e, mild shampoo base.

Directions For Use

Highly concentrated, professional use only. Mix 50 parts warm water to 1 part shampoo (1/3 cup or 3 oz. Shampoo to 1 gallon of water) apply to wet coat. Work up lather. Allow to set 5 min. For extremely dirty coats add pure, undiluted shampoo into lather and work into the coat. Allow to set for 5 minutes. Rinse and repeat. Store undiluted shampoo in a cool dry place.

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Nature's Choice Aloe Dirty Dog Shampoo

$7.99 - $33.99