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16oz Jar

Wholistic Pet Coconut Oil is made from 100% certified organic, super-premium extra virgin and non-genetically engineered plantation fresh coconuts.

Coconut oil helps support skin and coat, a healthy metabolism, and the immune and cardiovascular systems.

Rich in Omega-9 fatty acids, it contains lauric acid which kills bacteria, fungi, and helps to stave off infections. Wholistic Pet Coconut Oil is wonderful as a supplement in your pet's food, or used as a soothing skin salve. Great as a natural remedy to heal cuts, scrapes, or hot spots. This product is cold-processed, non-hydrogenated, and does not require refrigeration.

When used regularly, Coconut Oil helps support:

Healthy skin and beautiful coats
The immune system
The cardiovascular system
Healthy metabolism
Natural treatment of hot spots

Cold-processed, non-hydrogenated, melts at 76° F.

No refrigeration required.

Directions For Use

Daily Feeding Instructions:
1 teaspoon per 10 lbs
1 tablespoon per 30 lbs